Amy is the best!

“Amy has been my fitness coach since early Summer. She is not the typical BB coach looking to sell products. She has been my main source of encouragement to get healthier. I know I will achieve my goals because she believes in me when some days I don’t!!”         ~Tabitha H., PA


Passionate & Knowledgeable Trainer

“Amy’s knowledge about fitness AND nutrition are the key to her training programs and how she can get results fast. She provides guidance on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and make it stick. She’s passionate about helping others and will go above and beyond for all clients.”    ~Beth M., NC


The picture below was Beth after her first round of 21 Day Fix Extreme. To date, she has lost a total of 15lbs & 15 inches and has been committed to living healthy for over a year now! She changed careers when she found her passion, and became a Coach with me!! She also has become a Certified Personal Trainer!


Amy is Awesome!

“Amy has been very supportive in my fitness journey, as well as my husband’s. Her daily motivation has helped us achieve our goals and she continues to be a role model in health and fitness. She offers great exercise techniques, programs, food recipes, and the daily motivation we needed to jump start a healthy lifestyle! Thanks to her, my husband and I are in this together and have loved the change in our lives. Not only are we healthier, we are happier from the inside out!”  ~Angie G., PA


Life changing

“Amy has been the inspiration behind my fitness journey. I needed something to get me started and seeing her motivating story moved me to change my life.”   ~Samantha M., VA



 One thing I love about being a COACH…. all the text messages I receive from my clients!!! Here are some of my favorites!





My challengers become apart of my family….we have our own community, we support each other through struggles, ups and downs, and celebrate our victories TOGETHER!!  I LOVE having the opportunity to meet women from all over, we share a bond that I think will always be between us!!


“In October of this year, I decided I wanted to make some healthy changes for myself and my family. I started the 21 Day Fix program and joined an online accountability group with Amy. I was a little skeptical that I would have success as a 56 year old woman, but Amy assured me that I would, if I was consistent. She shared healthy meal plans, recipes, guidance in choosing the best workouts and LOTS encouragement! In 3 months time, I’ve lost 14 pounds and 13 inches. I’ve increased my muscle tone and have more energy, too! My whole family is eating healthier and sometimes we even work out together as a family! Amy’s knowledge and guidance have been instrumental in my success! It’s also been so great to have an online community with similar goals!”  ~Karen Rommel Allen, TX



“Amy goes above and beyond!! I started this journey early November and being a yoyo dieter and someone with eating issues I was skeptical and scared of failing but was inspired by Amy and wanted to give it a try. I strained my calf early in my journey and Amy was amazing through my injury. She went above and beyond and customized a workout that I could do! She never gave up on me even when I wanted to! The accountability group and support from her gets me through each day! I have lost 18 inches from my body and am finally gaining some confidence back!!! Could not have done it without Amy!”  ~Casey Smith, PA

“I purchased the 21 Day Fix program along with a Shakeology sampler, which turned into bags it’s so awesome, with Amy as my coach and the goal to lose 10 pounds and eat better. I didn’t have a time frame in mind for my results, just wanted to be on my way by the New Year. I began the program in early November and loved the workouts and shakes! Having Amy to go to with questions about he work out or meal plan was very helpful ! With Amy’s help and the support of others in our Challenge Group I lost 6 lbs and 6.5 inches in the first 21 Days! I was thrilled with my results in such a short period of time! After my second round I am down 8 lbs and 9 inches. The program, challenge group & Shakeology have helped me create a fitness and eating plan I can stick to and grow with. Looking forward to what my fitness future holds with my coach Amy!”  ~Crystal Morris, CO

“Over the last year I’ve learned so much from being in Amy’s challenge groups! Healthy living and eating clean can be easily accomplished with the support of her coaching and the accountability group. They are motivating and supportive – especially when you’re having a tough day. The common goals and encouragement they provide is unparalleled. It’s only with Amy and her group that I have been able to lose the extra 10 lbs and inches – and keep it off for months!! Choosing from daily workout routines that average about 30 minutes is key for me – plus being able to work out at home, in a relatively small space with little to no equipment is critical! There are so many options, I don’t get bored and I always feel challenged. I can honestly say at 40, I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20s! And I have the tools to continue! Thank you Amy for always being there when we need you! ~Denise Gianotti, NJ


Here is a picture of me, before I became pregnant. I got down to 126 pds which was less than I weighed before I had my son, almost 5 years ago. Shakeo is a great meal replacement for me. I felt like I was getting super nutrition while drinking it and also losing weight because my day job is mostly sitting. I was toning with pure barre classes 4-5 days a week so I felt great, but I didn’t see the last 10 pds of weight loss until adding shakeo. The key for me was to have it daily, as a meal replacement shake. People started noticing within 2-3 months and commenting on my progress and I owe it all to shakeo and pure barre. Can’t wait to get back to it after my little girl is born in less than 2 months!”
~Tori Suenaga, GA

“Amy does a tremendous job in not only coaching but leading by example. Her positivity is contagious and I enjoy being a part of her challenge groups. She does an amazing job of helping each of us share the goal of being healthy along with guiding us on our own journeys.” ~Kaki Ernst, VA

This Program is for MEN too, my husband and my best friend’s husband got amazing results from 21 Day Fix Extreme! I love when my challenges get their husbands motivated to join us!! Nothing better than transforming your life with the one you love!