Summer Bodies are MADE in the Winter

15 Nov Summer Bodies are MADE in the Winter

With the holidays upon us….taking some time off is INEVITABLE! Could be due to travel, or coming down with a nasty bug that has spread throughout your entire house!  Whatever it may be, the important thing here, is to not let that ‘week off’  become “two weeks off”, and then before you know it, you haven’t been to the gym in over a month!


I get it. I TOTALLY GET IT! It’s COLD, we start layering up the clothes …the Halloween candy isn’t gone yet, so WHY WASTE IT, LET’S EAT IT!!??? Thanksgiving is here, the overeating and week long leftover BINGES begin. Families and friends are in town so the wine glasses are constantly overflowing… cookie making parties , and Holiday parties begin… THE FUN NEVER STOPS, RIGHT???

And it SHOULDN’T!! Holidays are the BEST!!! But I’m here to tell you, we can still enjoy them without completely derailing everything we work towards all year.  As a Trainer I see that decline start up right after Halloween. Let the BAD FOOD CRAVINGS BEGIN!

We take all that hard work & sweat we put in ALL YEAR, basically erase it… only to hit the RESET button come January. This makes me SAD!!!!!!! Imagine the progress you would see if you stuck with it through winter!!!!

The truth is, it doesn’t take long for the body to start losing strength or endurance. In just days or weeks sometimes these qualities can decline. The saying “USE it or LOSE it”.. Holds true here. If you’re a Interval Training junkie like myself… you start to lose that endurance faster compared to someone who power lifts.

Some may notice weight loss when they take a break from training and get excited so they think all is good, “HEY, I DROPPED 5 lbs!” Sadly, this is mainly your muscles shrinking. And unfortunately the weight eventually creeps right back up on the scale… except this time it’s not that lean muscle that you were working so hard to get. Your aerobic energy system declines faster than your strength will, but in time, they both will decline if you aren’t working them consistently.


SO…my point of writing this Blog Post before the Thanksgiving Holiday…..

DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR GOALS, PLEASE!!!!! You can still enjoy the holidays while working out and eating clean. You have worked SO HARD all year, don’t give up now!!!!??

If you want that cookie, then at least EARN that cookie! Hit the gym first!!  



Okay, so TIPS to help get you through the holidays….


  1. If you can’t workout everyday, then cut back to 2-3/week. Make them intense, and make them count!! You may not get huge gains over the holiday, but you can at least try to maintain your progress!


  1. Switch it up! If you’re on Holiday break, try something new! Hit a cycling class with a friend, or try some yoga! Do something your body isn’t use to, it’s good for the body and your brain!


  1. If you have to choose between a weight training workout or a Cardio workout… I always tell clients to get in that Cardio! Go run sprints, intervals on a treadmill, 15 minute Hiit, cycling, or go hiking…

Remember your cardio system will decline faster than your strength.



Enjoy your holiday, just don’t center it around the food. 

YOU GOT THIS!!! And remember, those summer bodies are MADE in the winter!!


  • Penelope Henderson
    Posted at 16:20h, 27 November Reply

    I accept challenge!
    My goal is to stay lateral !!! No up move on the scale! I am positive a lose of weight isn’t even an option during this season. One day, meal, party at a time! Keep the positive post coming they help sooo much!!!


    • Amy Azzato Roberts
      Posted at 01:24h, 12 February Reply

      Love reading this!!! Thanks for leaving a comment! You got this!

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