New Year, New You.

05 Jan New Year, New You.


This time of year is HUGE in the fitness industry! Everyone wants to get back in shape after the holidays, the gyms are PACKED, people are posting on social media that this is their year, it’s finally time to get HEALTHY!!!

A New Year symbolizes a fresh start, a new chapter, time to make a change!!!

But why come February-March… those goals, or aspirations seem to dwindle or fade?? Something that seemed so important at the start of the new year goes away so quickly?

Did you know only about 12% of people actually taste victory and reach the goals they set for the year???

Do we get too busy?

Do our goal seems unattainable, so eventually we just give up?

Do we not have the support around us to keep pushing us?

Do we not see our health as a priority in our life?

Do we doubt our ability, or lack the confidence in ourselves to reach it?


I think it’s sometimes ALL OF THE ABOVE! The “IDEA” of losing weight, or getting healthy seems like a great idea come the new year…..but as you begin to work towards it… you start to realize it’s not as easy as you thought. It’s down right HARD!!!!!


It requires daily work and commitment. It hurts, your tired!! You have to make time to prepare healthy foods. You have to fight the excuses that come swooping in DAILY, in order to keep moving forward. You have to fight the negative thoughts, and keep a positive attitude at all times!



I remember before I started my healthy lifestyle 3 years ago…

I use to talk to my friend about how badly I wanted a TUMMY TUCK. How if I could just get rid of my muffin top, baby belly,… the “POOCH”, I would have so much more confidence in myself, I would finally be able to wear a bikini. “IF ONLY”…

Or if I could just tone up my flappy arms, gosh I wanted defined arms SO BADLY, I would rock those tank tops come summer!!

Or my legs, to just have them toned up and not jiggle so much when I walked in my bathing suit. I could rock cute shorts!! I wanted a QUICK FIX, and I didn’t think I could achieve those things without Surgery!! I thought my body was just built a certain way, and I couldn’t change it.

But I finally took the first step, and started making myself go to the gym DAILY. I did this with a friend, so I had ACCOUNTABILITY in place right from the start!!! I took each day at a time, I didn’t have a finish line, or an end date… I just kept going, and kept working on myself. Celebrating the small victories as I went!!

Healthy looks different on everyone! We all have different goals that we want to reach. But to get there you have to set the expectations from the start!!! 

Here are some tips that I have learned through my journey. I believe wholeheartedly that if you apply them, you will eventually get to a place in your life where you will find balance, confidence, and happiness. You will learn to love the journey as I did, create healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for the long road ahead!!!

  • Slow and Steady. You have to look at this as a lifestyle change. It’s not temporary and there are no finish lines. This it something that you will have to commit to, and work on daily. The “Quick Fix” never works, and it will never last. When we have a ton of bad habits,  we can’t expect to change them ALL overnight. Make small healthy changes each week. Make your goals attainable. For example, your first week you focus on increasing your water intake, or cutting out the late night snacking. Then your next week you cut out fast food and pack your lunch. The following week you cut out sodas, and so on….


  • Believe in Yourself. Don’t start this year off by saying, “I always start up and then quit, I’m sure this year will be the same”. “It never works for me”. “I can’t change my body”. “This is how I am always going to be”. “I can’t do this.” “I don’t have the time.”  STOP the negative talk, STOP the excuses…or you will fail before you even leave the starting line. Pick up a personal development book, this journey is about changing your mindset as well as your body. For this transformation to happen, your mind has to be in the game as well.


  • Don’t be in a HURRY. Realize from the start that this is going to take time. Maybe even years. And remember, if it was EASY, everyone would be doing it, and everyone would be healthy and fit. HAVE PATIENCE. And know that the final outcome will be SO WORTH IT!!!!!
  • Enjoy your Journey. Don’t look at working out as a chore, look at it as a blessing!! You have the ability to do this!! You are in control of your life, and your body. You can control what you put into it, and you can control transforming it! To me, that is so exciting, that shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment. Enjoy the victories along the way and celebrate them!!
  • Don’t deprive yourself. Slow and Steady, remember? Don’t cut out all the things you love overnight. If you tell yourself you can’t have it, chances are you will want it even more. Just learn that you can enjoy, but enjoy in MODERATION. Don’t tempt yourself by having your pantry stocked full of your temptations, but on occasion…. TREAT yourself! Life still has to be enjoyable, otherwise you won’t stick with it. And as long as you’re working towards your goals each day, those rewards won’t set you back. Remember that you still need to enjoy life, and it is POSSIBLE to do both!!!
  • Track your Progress. log of your measurements. Track the weights you are using, so you can increase over time.  Have the mentality that you will do BETTER tomorrow. And the only way to measure that is by tracking that.
  • Accountability. This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT!! I know for me, it was a game changer, and it’s the reason I am still going strong with my health and fitness. You have to have SUPPORT all around you. A place or friend to keep you accountable. If you feel alone, it’s hard to stay motivated. If you don’t have that support, use social media as a tool to post your workouts, put it out there that you are committing to a healthy lifestyle!! Sounds silly, but it works! Scroll through instagram, it’s PACKED with fitness journeys, WHY??? Because it works!! The more people that know you are working towards a goal, the more you will fight to stick with it. I love my online accountability groups, they give me daily motivation, they keep me going, they are the reason I don’t give up.




  • What is your WHY?? In my accountability groups, I ask my challengers at the start of each month to write down their WHY.


Why are they here?

What is driving this change in them?  

This has to be something more than “I just want to lose weight”. This has to be something that runs DEEP inside you. For me, I was lacking confidence in myself, which was having a negative impact on the way I parented and my role as a wife. I wanted to set a better example for them, which meant I had to make a change in myself. And now I won’t quit, because THEY are my main driver in life, they are my WHY. Make your WHY specific, think about it, and write it down where you can see it everyday.

2017 is Year for Change!! If you have been unhappy, lacking confidence in yourself, had some health scares this past year, or maybe you just want to have more energy to enjoy life… then don’t wait for another year to go by!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!! Make THIS the year, the year you focus on YOU!!!



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