Aside from being a Certified Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor, I’m also an Online Fitness Coach! My passion is helping others find a healthy way of living, and realizing that they can achieve anything! My journey started when I became an online coach, and started to run these amazing online challenge groups. Seeing someone’s transformation in just 1 month is literally the best feeling in the world, and to know that I had a tiny part in that change makes my heart SMILE! It never gets old, and the team we have built as coaches is the most supportive, driven group of ladies I have had the pleasure of working with!

For some reason, everyone thinks you have to be in great shape to be a coach. NOT TRUE.

Or they think they need to have a fitness background, be a personal trainer, love working out or already living a healthy, clean eating lifestyle. AGAIN, NOT TRUE.

To be a coach, you just have to love helping others, be ready to get in the best shape of your life, and willing to share your journey with others!

I was a skeptic when I first started, but becoming a coach has literally changed my life around! I am more confident than I have EVER been, I am more POSITIVEHAPPIER, and I am STRONGER on the inside and out!!!

Here are 10 reasons why I became a Beachbody coach…

1. ACCOUNTABILITY – I knew that if I was coaching others and had a team under me, I would not let myself fail.

2. DISCOUNTS – I love the program and knew that I wanted Shakeology in my life. The benefits we saw in just 2 weeks convinced me right away! And now I get 25% off all products, and Shakeology at a discounted rate!

3. MAKING MY OWN MONEY– Being a stay at home mom, it’s easy to lose your identity. I missed making money, but I wasn’t ready to give up being home with my kids. Being a coach, I get to do both, while doing something I am passionate about!

4. FRIENDSHIPS – I have been able to reconnected with so many old friends. And have gained so many new friendships!

5. HELPING OTHERS – it’s such a great feeling to help someone kickstart a healthier lifestyle!

6. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – something I never took the time to do before. But now that I am, I now have a more positive outlook on life!

7. MY FAMILY’S HEALTH – my husband had high cholesterol and my kids lived on processed foods. Making this decision has helped ALL of us become healthier.

8. LOVE OF FITNESS – I now get to do something I love as a career! Learning more about health & fitness, trying new programs, new products…and expanding on my own health! This journey also kick-started my interest in becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, starting up my own bootcamp through my church and creating my own fitness programs.

9. ROLE MODEL – My kids now get to see me working out everyday, doing what I love, living a healthy life and helping others.

10. I DID IT FOR ME! – To help build more confidence, taking myself out of my comfort zone, getting my body healthier, stronger and getting to a place that makes me happier.

If you can relate to any of the above, then making the decision to become a coach is easy. If you need more accountability to reach your own personal goals, this is the way to start! The best thing about being a coach is you can create a business and make it whatever you want it to be!  You can take your time getting started, or jump right in!

NO quotas,

NO deadlines,

NO boss,

NO fire drills,

YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!!  My job in all this, is just to help guide you, and provide the tools to move you forward.

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