Homemade Tortilla Chips

25 Jan Homemade Tortilla Chips

For my tortilla chip lovers!!

I was so excited when my best friend shared this recipe with me! These are my weakness, and I can never stop at just a few! Then, on top of the guilt is the BLOAT from all the sodium….you just feel it! SO…..I hope you’re as excited as me on this recipe! It cuts down the sodium a TON, and it prevents you from overeating, since your only baking just 16 chips! Think of the yummy nachos you could make!!

Now, I try to buy the most organic tortilla chips at the store, and when I compared this recipe with them…I found that this homemade recipe has–>


It’s 21 day fix approved too!!!
Containers: 1 yellow, and if you have guacamole that’s 1 blue!!

2 corn tortilla wraps
Cut into triangles (16 total chips)
Olive oil
Chili powder

•Preheat oven to 350
•Lay chips on cookie sheet and “lightly” brush on olive oil.
•Mix spices together and sprinkle on chips (this is optional if you want a little kick & flavoring)
•Cook for 8 minutes on each side (ovens may vary) try not to let them get brown.

No salt needed!

OMG!!!! So crispy and good!! I’m slowly starting to realize there is ALWAYS a way to make something you love a little more healthier!! 

(Depends on the brand of Corn Tortilla you use)
16 chips
140 calories
2g of fat
26 carbs
BONUS….Low in sodium!!!



Just check out store bought and the difference!!

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