Circuit Workout!

14 Sep Circuit Workout!

I feel like I haven’t blogged much lately, and it’s really just based on being a crazy busy mom, and not having much time!! Haha.

Lately, I’m really trying to focus on growing my fitness business, training some people in my home, and recently I just started up a Body and Soul Bootcamp at my church, so my days are filled with PLANNING! Since I’m already working on planning out workouts, I figured why not share them with you! SO…. if you are looking to switch up your workouts or need some new ideas, I hope these will help! You can print this off and take it to the gym, or do in the comfort of your own home!

This workout below is a CIRCUIT workout, where you move as quickly as you can through the below circuit until 5 minutes is up! Go through the list of exercises in circuit 1, and then repeat the circuit again until time is up!  Then you move on to the next circuit and do the same thing. You move at your own pace, taking breaks when needed, but you don’t want to break for too long. The quicker the breaks the more calories you burn. But it’s also very important to listen to your body!

Circuits are a great alternative to cardio, if you don’t have time to go for an hour long run, have bad knees like myself, or you don’t have a treadmill handy, do a circuit routine! You can actually burn more calories, since you are engaging more muscles, and build your endurance all at the same time! If you push yourself hard enough, 30 minutes is all you need!!!

Make sure to warm up before and cool down when your done!

Circuit 1- ARMS (5 minutes)

15 Push ups 

15 Bicep Curls with weights 

15 Forearm to plank hold 

15 Tricep Dips

30 Counts of High Knees

(Repeat Circuit)


Circuit 2 – LEGS (5 Minutes)

10 Air squats (advanced using weights or add a jump)

10 Walking Lunges  (advanced using weights)

10 Sumo Squats  (advanced using weight)

20 Dumbbell Deadlifts (advanced on 1 leg)

30 Counts of High Knees or 3o Burpees

 (Repeat Circuit)


Circuit 3- CARDIO (5 Minutes)

20 Jumping Jacks 

15 Side Shuffles (remain in low squat) 

15 Burpees or 15 Kettle Bell Swings

15 Butt Kicks

15 Skaters 

(Repeat Circuit)




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